Our Mission Statement

20121031_Manring_IMG_2028We know that children are curious and eager to learn. All students must be engaged in a rigorous, meaning-centered curriculum that is activity-based and draws on a student's higher order thinking skills. Through the collaborative efforts of the staff, we ensure that each child is successful in mastering the standards. Our students feel safe both emotionally and physically; and enjoy a clean, well maintained site.

We present a well-rounded program that is research-based, age appropriate, authentic, intellectually challenging, promotes creativity, and exceeds the standards set by the district and the state. We use a differentiated approach to learning in order to ensure that all students are able to be successful. Our lessons are developed based on the experiences of the child and work towards expanding their current intellectual horizons.

Why RHS?

  • Our rich program that includes, a balanced approach to literacy, hands on math and science, art, music, physical education, gardening, and ecology.
  • Commitment to a welcoming and caring school community where all students are able to achieve.
  • Commitment to integration of technology into the instructional program.
  • Strong professional development opportunities.
  • Strong parent involvement and support.
  • Our amazing collaborative and professional staff!