Class Date(s): 6/30/18 - 8/18/18
Day of the Week: Sat
Age Group: A maquette is a sculptor’s small preliminary model or study. In the film effects industry, a sculptor brings dimension to the concept art by first sculpting a maquette of the character. Maquettes are also widely used in the gaming and the 3D animation world. This class will cover the basic sculpting materials and tools as well as painting techniques. Use of reference material, constructing an armature, posing the armature, anchoring the armature to the base, roughing in basic forms, proportions, applying anatomical understanding, adding definition and detail, tips and tricks. Envisioning a paint scheme, basing out, shadow and light, secondary layers of color, dry brush techniques, producing interesting skin tones, creating high gloss areas.
Description: 15+

Resident Fee:  $205.00  Senior/Teen Fee:  $181.00  Non-Resident Fee:  $246  
Instructor: Bill Roth