Class Date(s): 3/17/18 - 5/5/18
Day of the Week: Sat
Age Group: Working from a live model in a long pose, learn how to manipulate the spacial relationships between artist, model, and sculpture. Students will work directly from a model to create a figure in Plasticine over an armature. Students will learn to use proportional systems to organize the linear landmarks of the figure. Structural and anatomical information will be discussed and employed to help to better understand the figure. The proper use of modeling tools will be covered. • Develop a trained eye by sculpting through observation • learn how to accurately translate complex shapes • Locate high and low points on a sculpture "Look at the model" from a sculptors' point of view Experiment with different sculpting tools and techniques Basic human anatomy, proportions, surface bones, Armature construction and all the basic tools and techniques of sculpting in clay will be covered
Description: 18+

Resident Fee:  $205.00  Senior/Teen Fee:  $181.00  Non-Resident Fee:  $246.00  
Instructor: Bill Roth