Class Date(s): 6/26/18 - 8/14/18
Day of the Week: Tue
Age Group: Have you ever tried drawing with pen with no eraser in mind? This class is for those who want to feel free and confident while doing art. You will learn to create lines with character, and how to make an image with style. Landscapre, architecture, still life and/or human figure will be the subjects explored. Abstract images will also be included as options of inspiration. Two approaches for mastering pen and ink drawing will be explored. For the beginners we will begin with pencil and trace them with pen/ink. Next you will gradually be challenged to directly draw with ink. Traditional and modern pen technique will be explored. materials list will be given out on the first day of class, Please bring paper and pencil
Description: 15+

Resident Fee:  $205.00  Senior/Teen Fee:  $181.00  Non-Resident Fee:  $246.00  
Instructor: M. Paki