Welcome Back Maureen Gilhooly (Ms. Mo)!

Special Day Class

My name is Maureen Gilhooly. My friends and family call me Mo. I go by the teacher name, "Ms. Mo". When I was a little girl I imagined being an art teacher, graphic designer and or film maker. My favorite subjects are art and dance. I studied film making and animation at San Francisco State University. I realized my childhood dream and worked as an animator, artist and designer in Educational Software, CD ROM development. I helped create many software products, including Carmen Sandiego Series, Living Books, Prince of Persia; I even had opportunity to intern at Skywalker Ranch. My career path changed when I became a parent and my son, Ian was born. Ian has special needs and I have been very involved in his academic journey. From those early years of pulling together technology to help Ian in his classroom, I discovered that I enjoy working with teachers, specialists and staff; helping students with different abilities. I returned to San Francisco State University and received my Special Education Credential, with an emphasis on Assistive Technology. I student taught in the TACLE program at Redwood Heights, while I worked part time as an Assistive Technology Specialist in the Mid-Alameda County SELPA and Oakland Unified School Districts. I have been working profession

Welcome Back Ms. Zoe!

Stip Sub, formerly Playworks Coach

I am so excited to rejoin the RHS community as STIP Sub for the 2016 - 2017 school year. Last year, as Playworks Coach, I participated in establishing a culture of healthy play during recess and throughout the school day. As STIP Sub, I will continue work at recess and with individual classes to maintain a strong culture of healthy play and play-based learning. Additionally, I have the privilege of working alongside teachers and administration on academic development at RHS. I feel so lucky to be able to work with every grade level and cannot wait to continue my service in such a talented and dedicated community of students, families, and teachers.

Welcome Back Ms. Weissman!

Personalized Learning Specialist and Reading Intervention Specialist, formerly First/Second Grade Teacher

After eight years teaching Kindergarten, First, and Second grades, I am excited to announce I will be helping to support the academic growth of all children at RHS! Last year our school won an NGLC (Next Generation Learning Challenge) grant. As an NGLC school we will be helping to lead the way not only in Oakland but in the entire country to innovate and create new systems and programs that will enable schools to meet the needs of every single learner. I will be involved in planning, implementing, and supporting this development. I will also be working with small groups to accelerate reading development. I am so excited to be able to work at RHS in this capacity!

ally in Special Education since 2007. I often tap into my personal experience as a special needs parent and let that guide and assist me with my students' and families' needs; to help them to achieve their goals and dreams. Thank you for the opportunity to work with these amazing students. It is an honor to teach in the TACLE program.